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PostHeaderIcon Get Rid of Junk Mail – Go Green

Get Rid of Junk Mail – Go Green

Four million tons of junk mail is sent every year…at least half of which is never even opened. You probably are aware that your name, address, and spending habits are regularly being traded and sold on the open market.  By investing half an hour now, you can rid yourself of most of the junk mail for up to five years…and save a few trees while you’re doing it.

So here are a few tips that you can work on to lessen the load of junk you get every day:

  • Product warranty cards do not register your product…that was done when you purchased it. They are used to fin out about your interests and your income for the sole purpose of junk mail.
  • When ordering something on the phone, tell them specifically to not give your name and address to other companies for any reason.
  • Any time you donate money or order a product or service by mail, write on it in large letters, telling them not to sell your name and address.
  • When the junk come by first class mail, cross out the address and bar code, circle the first class postage and write “refused: return to sender”.
  • Your credit card companies are the worst offenders and probably sell your name and address more than anyone else. Stopping them is easy; you just need your address and social security number. One call does it all for agencies Equifax, Trans Union, Experian and Innovis. Dial 1-888-5 OPT OUT (or 1-888-567-8688) 24 hours a day.

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sea power technology

Information on Solar Power, Cost Effectiveness of Solar Panels

Solar power is a renewable resource. Consumers that employ solar devices enjoy energy independence.

Tom Hayden Green Living Kit â?? Homemade Solar Generator Review …

Want a way to reduce your power bill? Been looking for the best guides that will surely help you to get totally off the grid? Check out Green.

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Usually around the sunspots, the Sun sometimes produces an eruption called solar flare. Lots of radiation and protons with energies up to several GeV – a third of the speed of light, but usually much less – are ejected. …

How to Use Solar Power For Home | Alternative Energy HQ

Alternative Energy issues and technology are crucial to the future of our planet. All the key technologies such as solar power, wind energy, biodiesel, bio fuels and more. Solar power for homes and cars is discussed in our postings.

PostHeaderIcon The Global Warming Theory

The Global Warming Theory

We have all heard about Global Warming, where the planet’s atmosphere is supposedly heating up. Of course, we as common citizens have no real proof, only what our scientists tell us, along with the Think Tanks and mass media. But how can we trust this when Global Warming researchers have been paid 100s of millions of dollars, and they know if they disagree with global warming theory the money stops being funded and they are out of work?

One of the most fascinating debate points for Global Warming goes something like this; “The majority of scientists say global warming is real and we are already seeing its impact (the drought in the Western USA and the long term drought in Australia.”

This is seriously a flawed argument and let me tell you why. You see it is irrelevant and may not even be true. After all, 55% would be most of the scientists and thus the majority, still leaving a huge contingency of doubters, with plenty of data and research to back up the opposite point of view.

Likewise, during Copernicus’ day only one man believed the world was round, everyone else said it was flat; so the “majority of scientists” argument is irrelevant; majorities don’t mean anything. If you were one of a 100 people and they all jumped off a bridge because they agreed to, would you jump too? That is illogical.

Now then, the second part of the argument has to do with droughts in the world. And we all know that droughts come and go. Remember the Dust Bowl “Grapes of Wrath” in the US? And in the 1950s Australia had a drought just as bad during the same period, same as the one they are having now. This one we notice more because there are more people demanding the same amount of water.

In California, the snowpack this year is normal and anymore puts us above normal, thus, the drought theoretically is over? So, does that mean this so-called Global Warming is over? Of course, not the powers that be, behind global warming will continue to pursue this until it’s no longer in their interests. Think on this.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

Solar System Older Than Estimated – Science News

Meteorite age suggests planets began to form earlier than thought.

Solar parking lot with electric car charging stations opens in …

Practically speaking, car charging is really not the best application for solar. Solar would be best used in an application where it is needed consistently during the same time that the sun is up. Serving general power for a commercial …

Ontario Reaching the Top in Solar | Renewable Energy World

Finally, it’s official. Last year Ontario was the third largest market for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in North America.

Solar Energy Facts | Green Energy Ideas

Most power plants in the United States and all over world are using fossil fuels to operate and generate electricity. They have been used as an.

AT&T Activates First of Six Solar Power Installations Planned for …

AT&T has activated a 296-kW rooftop solar power installation at its Trade Street site in San Diego, which will generate an estimated 420000 kWh of energy in its first year of operation. Over 20 years, the solar power installation will …

PostHeaderIcon Homemade Biodiesel Kits Are Used by First Timers to Make Biodiesel Fuel

Homemade Biodiesel Kits Are Used by First Timers to Make Biodiesel Fuel

The cost of fuel has gone up again that people are thinking of alternative ways to save up on other things just so they can still continue to make use of their vehicles. Actually, there is a better way by which we can save up on fuel without having to let go of other necessities or luxuries that we have in our life. Sometimes we need all this to keep us going. When you take away one or two, you may take away your only source of happiness. So think twice before cutting off hobbies or things that you are already accustomed to.

One thing by which we can save gas is if we make it ourselves. It is possible since homemade biodiesel kits are available for consumers to buy them. There are instructions online and there are even step-by-step videos on how to make biodiesel fuel. These are especially useful for people who prefer to see it than reading about it. The great thing about seeing how it is made is you can actually see the equipments that are being used. So you can always pattern your equipment with what is being shown.

Since you will be doing it yourself, there are a couple of things you have to watch out for. You have to watch out for methanol and lye because it is dangerous. Aside from that, since you will be making use of heat and vegetable oils, fire is always a possibility. First time makers of biodiesel fuel should be extra careful when proceeding and like any other endeavor it takes practice to perfect it.

Cheryl Forbes owns and operates the website

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Plug In Solar Panel – Solar panels plugged into your home for free …

Plug In Solar Panel – Solar power is the way to go as the world’s population continues to explode, leading to rising power costs as well as less area for the general populace to live in. Instead of dotting the landscape with nuclear …

Solar cells: Cut-rate chemistry

(Nanowerk News) Photovoltaic cells made from organic compounds, rather than silicon wafers, are set to transform the solar energy industry. Because organic solar cells are made using solution processes, they can be spread onto flexible …

Germany-based solar module makers lower quotes by 3-5%

Some solar module makers in Germany have again lowered quotes as demand from the country has cooled significantly in the third quarter since the reduction of feed-in-tariffs (FIT), according to industry sources.

Drug testing, solar fullerenes, chemicalization

These are my links for August 10th through August 16th: Drug testing – A simple analytical approach to identifying …

Spray-on film turns windows into solar panels

A newly-patented thin film solar cell technology could turn windows into solar panels.

PostHeaderIcon A Global Disaster From the Perfect Solar Storm

A Global Disaster From the Perfect Solar Storm

The average solar cycle lasts for eleven years. The cycle includes a minimum of solar activity and a maximum. The sun is unusually quiet right now and has been for some time but there should be an increase in solar activity at some point in the near future.

The best current scientific estimate for the next solar maximum is 2012. If this estimate is correct, there is still a few years to try and prevent the potential of a future global disaster. A disaster that would begin on the surface of the sun and could end with tragedy on earth.

The surface of the sun is a mass of plasma that contains highly charged energy particles. Once in a while, some of these particles escape the suns surface and a mass of plasma travels through space on the solar wind. This process is known in scientific terms as a coronal mass ejection but it can also be called a solar storm.

A disaster for the planet would occur if a solar storm reaches and hits the earths magnetic shield in just the right way. If it were to happen, millions of people would lose their lives and the planet would be thrown into chaos as the technology that has become crucial to every day living suddenly gets taken away.

The perfect solar storm will start with skies that will be filled with a bright red aurora. However, soon everything will become dark as every electric bulb becomes devoid of light. The storms damage to the electric grid would be caused through an increased DC current. The runaway current would knock out and melt hundreds of key transformers within minutes, cutting off power for hundreds of millions of people.

Those damaged transformers cannot be repaired only replaced and installing a replacement takes a well-trained crew a week or more. Its incredible to consider that most major electrical utilities have just one or two suitably trained crews available for these type of transformer repairs. In addition, there are only a few spare transformers available and the rest would have to be built to order. Its a process that can take nearly twelve months.

So, the power blackout from the perfect solar storm would last for months but its not just the absence of light that would be the problem. Drinking water would still come through the taps for maybe half a day after the storm. With no electricity to pump water from reservoirs, there would be no more tap water after that.

The electric grid is necessary for almost all natural gas and fuel pipelines to operate. As a result, fuel and natural gas will quickly run out and without food delivery, supermarket shelves would soon become bare. Soon it would become necessary to control public hysteria and the military would have to be called in to restore civil order

There will be no power for heat, cooling or refrigeration until the grid is repaired and after their back up generators run out, hospitals will not be able to provide modern healthcare. A lack of water and food will result in spreading disease but Pharmaceutical companies without electricity will not be able to produce the necessary medicine.

Of course, many will say that this is absurd science fiction and it cannot happen here, but this chilling disaster scenario was outlined in a report released last January (funded by NASA) by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

The fact is that a storm from the sun did hit the earths magnetic field in 1859. The effect of this solar storm on earth became known as the Carrington Event. The event was named after the amateur astronomer who observed two patches of intensely bright and white light emanating from a large group of sunspots that may have produced the event.

The solar storm that produced the Carrington Event created a red aurora across the planet from the poles to the tropics. Throughout the world, telegraph systems crashed, machines burst into flames, and electric shocks rendered operators unconscious. Compasses and other sensitive instruments reeled as if struck by a massive magnetic fist. It can happen again and the technology of the planet is now much more advanced and vulnerable.

The next solar maximum is estimated to return in about three years. A global disaster from the perfect solar storm can be prevented with proper contingency planning. There is still time for the government to be proactive and prepare to avoid disaster by creating a potential response to quickly repair the damage to the electric grid from the perfect solar storm.

James William Smith has worked in Senior management positions for some of the largest Financial Services firms in the United States for the last twenty five years. He has also provided business consulting support for insurance organizations and start up businesses. He has always been interested in writing and listening to different viewpoints on interesting topics. Visit his website at or his daily blog at

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Why Solar Is, and Isn't, Like the Chip Industry : Greentech Media

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Cheap solar panels, micro-inverters, and plug-in technology make DIY solar a reality for the first time.

Sonnenschiff: Solar City Produces 4X the Energy it Consumes …

While Net Zero has been the latest buzz in sustainable building the Sonnenschiff development in Freiburg, Germany is very much Net Positive.

PostHeaderIcon Germ of an Idea – A Modern-Day “Roman” Aqueduct For Florida

Germ of an Idea – A Modern-Day “Roman” Aqueduct For Florida

The west coast of Florida remains trapped in an ongoing drought. In Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties (Tampa and St. Petersburg/Clearwater) severe restrictions on water use are in place. Even the use of reclaimed water for lawns and gardens is now restricted. The rainy season is not yet here; but in past years the amount of rainfall received during the wet months was far below the historical average, so that reservoirs and ground water supplies have never had a chance to recover.

The situation is quite different in northern Florida, in the Panhandle and all across the State close to the Georgia border. The weather in those parts of the State is generally wetter, and more consistently so, than the weather farther south.

Yesterday, our local St. Petersburg Times carried a story (with photographs) of the damage which is now being inflicted in Madison County (which borders Georgia) by floodwaters from the Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers. The storms which produced the rain moved from west to east across the Panhandle over the past week, to the point at which the Withlacoochee crested at 89 feet, four feet above the record set in 1948. So far, the rising floodwaters have destroyed or caused severe damage to almost 200 homes and lesser damage to 500 more, all areas combined. Two people are known dead, and one person is missing.

Quite apart from the possibility of reducing the tally of deaths, personal injury, and property damage which even a partial remedy for river flooding in these areas might entail, it boggles the mind just to consider the sheer waste of so much fresh water. Most of that damaging flood water will be gone forever as it eventually finds its way to the Gulf of Mexico. That’s a shame, because so much of it could be put to good use in the west coast, central, and other parts of the State where it is so desperately needed. The waste is not just limited to damaging flood waters, either. The “top of Florida” is blessed with more rainfall, on average, than it needs. Obviously, the flow of river water into the Gulf represents a volume of water which has not been put to good use.

In passing, we acknowledge that the flow of a certain amount of river water into the Gulf is said to be necessary for the health of the shellfish beds near the coastline.

Even so, it seems inadmissible to stand by and do nothing but watch a surfeit of water in the northern counties lay waste and then go to waste while there is such a great need for water in other areas of the State. Surely there is a partial remedy which might ameliorate the problems in the affected sections.

The Romans found a way to move big volumes of water over considerable distances. Surely we can build on their success – and on successes over the centuries since that time – by constructing an Aqueduct system to bring excess water from the northern Florida counties to drier areas to the south.

The best part is that the right-of-way is already in place! It’s called Interstate 10 and Interstate 75. Take a peek at a map of Florida. Find the intersection of I-10 and I-75. The Suwannee and Withlacoochee Rivers are close by, as are other rivers. There are others to the west, and I-10 probably crosses every one of them.

Excess water could be fed into the Aqueduct lying above-ground or underground in the median of I-10 at various points along its route, and then fed south toward Tampa and St. Petersburg/Clearwater in that part of the Aqueduct lying within the median of I-75 and I-275. Do you see how obvious that is?

If ever there was a perfectly-planned right-of-way for a particular purpose, although not part of the design at the outset, this is it.

There would be hurdles. There always are. Will and determination were invented for the purpose of overcoming hurdles.
It seems to me that the construction and operation of The Florida Aqueduct is an undertaking which private capital should undertake. It need not cost the State a penny.

Let’s see whether anyone steps up to the plate.
William Kurtz

Palm Harbor, Florida

April 11, 2009

The author is a retired corporate CEO and attorney, and a long-time investor. He has passed the NASD Series 65 Investment Adviser exam. He publishes his Investment Newsletter and Action Suggestions three times per week at The Action Suggestions provide specific Safety Stops on major Indexes; a review of the major Indexes; an individual review of each of the Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil markets; an individual review of each of the Dow 30 stocks and of selected non-Dow stocks; a review of five popular Forex pairs; and his Daily Commodities Report. The Daily Commodities Report is also available as a free-standing service at The Operating Manual for his copyrighted “Candelaabra” technical analysis trading system for all financial markets is also available through its own website at and via

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PostHeaderIcon Christians and Earth Day

Christians and Earth Day

Earth day is coming soon (4/22/09). This month we have Easter as well…so it got me thinking. How should Christians respond to Earth day?

First, I think we need to keep it all in perspective. Yes, we are to be good stewards of the planet. However, we are not to be earth “worshipers.” The earth is just another thing in our lives that God wants us to be a good steward with. Yes, it is important…However, Jesus Christ and His shed Blood is much more important. Saving souls should be above saving polar bears. You know what I mean?

So, do I think Christian’s should celebrate Earth Day?

Sure. Just make sure you have this whole eco, green planet stuff in perspective. Make sure that you are lined up with the Word and that God is your priority and His will. Do not let being green override sharing the Love of Christ and your true God-given purpose.

All that said, I thought it would be cool to add some fun stuff to do for earth day…

Earth Day Activities:

Plant a tree. This could be a fun family project.

Recycle. Take those cans you have been saving and turn them in.

Make the whole day green. Make eco choices all day long.

Clean up. Take your family to the park and clean up the junk left by others.

Make a point to add more green. Add at least one more green activity to your life.

Go on a nature walk. Enjoy the beautiful environment that God created for you.

Organic. Visit your local Ma and Pa farmer and shop for some earth friendly stuff.

Copyright © Green Christian Network, All Rights Reserved

About the Author: Cindy Taylor is a Christian stay at home Mom who love the Lord and cares about God’s planet. You can see her passion and writing at her website, Green Christian Network (

Green Technology Airline Flight Test

PostHeaderIcon What to Do to Earth Day Celebrate?

What to Do to Earth Day Celebrate?

There are definitely countless reasons why people should be celebrating Earth Day. One very important reason might be the mere fact that the world has still continued to exist despite the many challenges that it is experiencing nowadays. Perhaps each individual should find that gratitude in their hearts so that they would be able to realize that the world needs all of us. Nonetheless, there must be a lot of individuals around the world who have found that gratitude in their hearts because there a lot of people getting involved in the Earth Day celebration. This celebration has already been observed globally regardless of race, religion, or status. This only shows that individual difference can be set aside to pursue a common goal- and that is environmental preservation.

Various activities and programs have been prepared for the Earth Day celebration. However, it cannot be denied that most people are busy with their own daily activities such that they wouldn’t find time to participate in actual celebrations. In order to address this concern, if people couldn’t make it to the celebration, the celebration is brought to them instead. This can be done through the advances in communication and information. Numerous Earth Day activities are made available through the worldwide web. These activities are made available for anyone to participate in at any time that they would prefer to. One of these activities is the Earth Day games which are specifically designed to incorporate environmental awareness into the games. Another activity is the various Earth Day crafts, which are craft lessons and procedures that make use of environmentally friendly materials. Earth Day coloring pages are another of the different activities which encourage the development of the art skills of an individual through the application of colors into different figures or illustrations. There are also different Earth Day songs and poems that one can download from the web. For individuals who are fund of social networking, there are Earth Day graphics that can be used as personal greetings or frontpages of personal profiles. Finally, there are Earth Day recipes that can be found in the web which are actually healthy yet savvy as well.

Surely, the possibilities of enjoying and celebrating Earth Day are countless. What is important is that the message is taken across every individual even for just this one special day in a year. It provides information and awareness in ways that could easily be grasped by any individual, all for the purpose of preserving mother Earth.

Axel Meierhoefer is a published author, educator, coach, consultant, and the founder of AMC LLC. His motto is” Helping others help themselves achieve success”. You want to learn how to achieve success faster, realize your goals, learn how to reach your dreams, then take actions. Come visit us at or send an email to Don’t delay!

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PostHeaderIcon The News of Green Tech-05

The News of Green Tech-05

Goes to the Animals: Vibration and Noise Control

Noise and vibration control is an issue that is much more common than one might originally think. In fact, it can creep up in the most unlikely of places. A good case in point is animal lab environments. Indeed, ALN Magazine recently ran an article titled “Noise & Vibration Considerations for the Animal Lab Environment.” Therein, the publication pointed out, “In the lab animal facility setting, noise, sound, and vibration affect the life cycle, interaction, and behavior of animals.” However, because “the impact of noise, sound, and vibration is a largely undocumented factor in the research,” it’s an often overlooked issue.

“If the sound pressure levels get too high,” the article continues, “there is a negative impact on animals and structures.” Vibration control, however, is just as important to these animals as noise control in that it “is a driving force behind radiated sound.”

Obviously, exposure to noise and vibration can be detrimental to an animal’s hearing, but the risks don’t stop there. “Sound and vibration can [also] have a physical impact on animals.” Even more startling, “Smaller animals are more susceptible to the affects of sound and vibration over time and will adapt or adjust accordingly. In some cases, mutations may result from exposure to undesirable conditions.”

How can animal laboratories mitigate these problems? The magazine notes, “The designers can control items that are constant disturbances that may greatly impact the animal community. Items within the designer’s control include ventilation system design, machinery vibration isolation, wall construction, lighting selection, and computer terminal placement.”

During the design process, animal labs may want to consult with a producer of custom-molded rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts for noise and vibration control. A world leader in the creation of rubber molding and rubber-to-metal bonded parts can help to create an environment that is not only safe for the animals being kept there but is also conducive to a healthy work environment for the people who are employed there.

The Vibro-Insulator line of isolators and mounts, in particular, aid in the control of noise, vibration, and shock. Selecting the right type of mount for an individual animal lab’s specific applications can prove tricky, however. That’s why consultation with an expert with reputable qualifications in rubber molding and rubber-to-metal bonding can be very beneficial.

Of course, once professional advice has been obtained, browsing the Vibro-Insulator catalog allows animal labs easy navigation so they can select the correct mount for their application. Rubber Vibro-Insulators come in a variety of styles and sizes to handle most vibration isolation problems. Most of the mount styles are designed to be used in either the compression or shear direction.
Selection of the proper Vibro-Insulator for a specific application boils down to a multi-step mathematical function that an expert can calculate for the lab or into which the lab’s design team can plug the following information:

1. The maximum load that must be supported.
2. The number of mounts supporting the load.
3. The frequency of the disturbing vibration.
4. Any restrictions on the size or style of the mount based on space limitations or assembly considerations.

Carmen Fontana is a Web Services Manager for Western Reserve Internet Services. Karman Rubber is a world leader in vibration control.