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Abs Diet 3 Bean Chili

mitted ])y leeches. A number of s])ecies are parasitic in the
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ring in the Bombay Presidency in the period 1888-94,
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end of the ileum and in the colon ; but they may be
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before you, viz : the state of pregnancy. In deciding upon the existence or non-
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milk of good quality, and free from any constitutional taint. The
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FIk. 234.— PlasmoUiuin koclii. {After Li^he.) From a monkey
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apt to furnish proper sustenance for a nursing child. It follows,
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attention from the manipulations which are to be performed. The
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before you is that when thete is a fall of rain, the streets and lane^
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which usually happens during the latter part of the first or the
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* It is on my experience in this epidemic that I have based my
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the usual time, and when it does appear, is present in insufficient
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convulsion, seldom terminate fataUv, without passing into eclampsia.
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months after confinement. If the period of nursing be not iniduly
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ness was extreme ; nevertheless the uterus contracted well. The shock of her
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linen, at other times so profuse as to occasion great annoyance.
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severity; but in all cases, where the disease is sympathetic, it eventually yields.
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ance in the regions in which they were found. ajI this had occurred without
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bones of the leg. The result of this arrangement is, first, that the
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in consequence of the symptoms having become seriously aggravated. Bleed-
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it may gradually get more and more scanty, acquiring
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In some cases the dislocation can be reduced after previous
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diminishing vascular turgescence, seems not to be so obvious as might be sup-
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enlaigement. The deficient tone of the intestines and abaomlnal muscles in
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parasites) in great profusion. This observation has
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boisterous behavior and sulkincss. This is so generally under-
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the efficacy of ergot in many cases, renders its exhibition questionable where
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Phagocytosis in the spleen. — The evidence of phago-

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