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1. The OEMS Tuypanosoma. — The structure of the tryp-

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women." An English lady, visiting the Boston schools, said : " I

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ble to give any definite directions in words. Dr. Ineleby's opinion is, " that

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embraces the head of the femur. Its component fibres run parallel to the margin

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improbable, although this point is disputed, that the

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of the tumour and their supply, and this ultimately may have compressed and

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removal of the excrement is, with the most ordinary care, free from

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There is very little reliable information about the

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pills, some ointment in a box, and a plaster. The ointment was of a black

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orrhage consequent upon the erect position or even upon raising

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toms constituting " female weakness. " The general directions are

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the posterior extremity, where they donverge and terminate

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In the pruritus vuIts of pre^ant women, nothing appeared to be successful,

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condition of innervati^ to become deranged. Hence the youngest and most

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poisoning by belladonna were all absent. There was no dryness of the mouth

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cipal feature of the book, namely, the coincidence of chorea with other diseases.

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to emphasize the fact that one of these ills is chronic disease of the

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of such sources of sepsis. The existence of leprosy

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will be judged, therefore, that, in addition to j)erij>heral

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sometioiefl occurs during rheumatism, without the occurrence of any heart

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On November 2d, being the nineteenth day after admission, six leeches were

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Attention was specially called to this lady's case, as

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diseases are liable to complain, may be situated in very different parts of the

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tjphoid patient alike ; so that rose spots are to be

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ture of glycerine and cologne water in equal parts ; to this may be

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localities, it does not spread. To this, again, there

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required ; by confining herself to milk, barley water, arrow root

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the stomach, intestine, bladder, uterus, and vagina.

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size of the adult. The parasite oc^curs also in dogs. According

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catarrh, small quantities of thin chicken soup, egg

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it is not surprising that hysteria should be especially prevalent

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matory softening. In neither did granular corpuscles exist, and in neither did

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brane shows comparatively few microscopic changes ;

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attended with enlargement of the heart, or by any prominent symptom of cardiac

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logical effects, have been more or less satisfactorily

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case; but, undoubtedly, the effect of this rapidly-

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Huiil jKniml oflF, the (•♦•iitnfuj^e tiiln' \ i>iii;; r».*lilli'il and rentrifuged

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communicating with it, forms the oral aperture (not strictly the mouth) for the

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The reward is now reduced to one anna per live rat. It will be in-

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ly an incomplete development exhibited by every foetus at a certain

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Technology Environment News 12-14-07 of Dekalb Academy