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two personal cases reported, a slight difficulty in urinating had
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all legally qualified physicians who are not eligible to
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9Cca8ioned a choking sensation, and he thought he swallowed it.
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in the abdomen, chiefly in the left lower quadrant, a
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vide that the indigent deaf-mutes, blind and insane of the state
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rectal injections, and allow the patient to apply wet gauze to
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68 1. Thoracic Aneurysm. 2. Carcinoma of Superior Maxilla.
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fluid by lumbar puncture, and permanently relieved the pa-
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with albuminuria, without symptoms referable to toxenua.
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stability and permanence of our colon bacilli. That
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coloration, for which the first surgical indication is rest,
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value. The students of Laval Liniversity then gathered in the
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the orbit may cause proptosis. Hematuria is rare and al-
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potassium carbonate. Being acid, it moderates the gastric
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cella, variola, typhoid, influenza, mumps, acute rheu-
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rapid, pupils contracted, pain In neck Increasing on movement,
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ments by growth of the carcinoma between their ends.
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a similar incision anterior to the cervix is made. If
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carbon dioxid and water, in either case? This leads
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with the best results; the pain will disappear in five minutes.
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be unhesitatingly aaswered in the affirmative, believing
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it requires the addition of 25 per cent, of lime-water to
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done, it would be necessary to give delegates to all
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partively small areas. Within a year the plague has
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circulatory system in many cases, independent of the
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periods of stress which prove beneficial under a favoring en-
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which was graduated and under the control of two pinch-
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superior spine to the internal malleolus was greater
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Quiteras cites a case of abscess in a cystic terminus
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meeting, at Battle Creek, was presided over by Dr. Philo D.
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badly swollen, and the least motion in the joint very
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delegate and alternate, a State Committee on National Legis-
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the desquamation of the skin testify to a deficiency of alkaline
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