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chloride, in 20-gr. doses three times a day, is usually
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ousness of oxide of zinc must not be admitted so decidedly as Flandin supposes.
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Such are the more usual physical disorders associated with
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* The expressions " flagellated body " and " flagellum,'* ap-
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diagnosis is, of course, easier ; in the early stages, on
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record during the preceding six months. It is not contemplated that thej
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jority of oases of convulsions terminating fatally, there is no cerebral or spinal
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which may give rise to a numl^er of daughter cells.
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\^di\Q. Vi liberal supply of fresh air — at least 3,000 cubic feet per head
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The Lister Institute's serum is prepared by injecting a
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dies, but the female proceeds to engorge herself with blood for
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these places the diseases are identical Probably the
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Whobteb, as it has been oup proTince to do, has watched the progre» of
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recognized by the existence of a lump just under the outer e.xtreniity
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In other cases the flesh contains some of the living parasites
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cure regular movements of the bowels, which may be accomplished
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day passive motion and friction were resorted to. There was no constitutional
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&nts are only subject to laryngeal spasm when very young, — very rarely after

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