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a good reason to raise against systematic trephining (H.

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logical and medicinal antidotes to poisons, as belladonna to opium,

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exact diagnosis was not possible, owing to their entering the

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have been found useful as deodorizers or as antiseptics are entirely

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he acquired advanced classical education. After finishing the sopho-

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through an incision over McBurney's tender point and a

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uses, and thence be reflected along the spinal nerves to the iliac

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lows : Horace Packard, M.D., president; W. H. White, M.D.,

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to the call were two of her brothers. She left the Univer-

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sciousness and self-control it is capable of in its voluntary re-

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then was appointed a cadet at West Point, and was graduated at the

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aversion to a proper investigation of their diseases, I quote again

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able ancestors from Richard Baker, who came from Eng-

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was for several years president; American Otological Society; New

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the instep should be incessant ; the same may be said with

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which is so frequent, so regrettable, and so often ascribed to

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tion as a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal church. On his

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retained, but showing dulness ; coma — such are the clinical

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V\/ILLIS GOSS MACDONALD, son of Sylvester M. Macdonald,

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In lesions produced by bullets the prognosis is in general

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supposed to have some analogy to the magnetism of the load-

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