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    Regulation IB. — The carcasses or parts of carcasses of all animals which are slaughtered

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    County Societies in Affiliation with the Missouri State Medical Association

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    of this state. It is incumbent on each practicing physician

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    persons will give financial support to this cause. A considerable

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    eased cattle. That the cause of osteoporosis has not been observed

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    hi mrliihiillsni that follow administration of epineiihriue. In.iectioii o'

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    ical Society at the Mitchell Hotel, Nevada, April 27. An

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    what cigarette they smoked. The brand named most was Camel!

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    were filled with almost fluid, dark red material, the

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    shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished

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    are fiiiallx split to their smallest pieci's- that is, to molecules of the si/e

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    Carcass No. 8. — ^The right pharyngeal region contained a small fibrous tumor about 2

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    what stage in development of the heart abnormal forces were brought

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    ing the year toward indexing dairy literature as proposed in the

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    ico; A. L. Hensen, Appleton City; George W. Newman, Cass-

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    what you think you buy. The law attains this desirable end by

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    '';'r "'""'♦ "''^ '••-""■ i---'',. ,„„n,.s.....l,;n.i:

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    Wahl, H. R., Knox, J. H. M., and Schmeisser, H. C, Gaucher's disease, a

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    ernor to cooperate with the Division of Health in prep-

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    case ill the fat of the lat depots; and it was found that, althouudi the

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    in fowls the bacilli are conspicuously short and straight In the liver and lungs

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    rii.'ht follows the ob.jeet. Obviously there must be an inhibition of the

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    “soft” shadows, with indistinct borders which sig-

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    37. Secticm from a similar case but showing more clearly the pro-

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    The aorta is quite elastic throughout Aside from a very few small

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    Institute of Technology; Formerly Associate Professor

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    be accompanied by a permit signed by the inspector in charge of the yards; this permit

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    other information as is liable to be of assistance to the laboratory

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    to the fact that the live-stock industry has been made unprofitable

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    Similar reinf..iTement may also he produced hy the application of a

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    to express our thanks for something which heretofore

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    ture i-esulting from inoculations with tubercle bacilli of bovine

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    Elrod, Dennis B Cape Girardeau Flader. Otto F St. Louis Gay. Elmer E Richmond

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    The benefits arising from meat inspection as carried on under the

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    Clinton 1 S. D. Reynolds Plattsburg Wilber G. Spalding Plattsburg

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    heeii deserilicd as present to a certain extent in the liorinal irhiiid.

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    Third District: Councilor, J. William Thompson, St. Louis:

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    fully for evidence of a malignant tumor. I have yet

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    the partial transformation of protein into the less opaque alkali-

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    translated, appear in the language of the country to which the package is destined.

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    was called who gave her some relief by medicaments. It was noticed that

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    three sides for some little distance, there are open fields. The house is

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    other forms of change result. By merely changing the mechanical

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