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with the bark or sarza decoction, or extract of taraxacum, by which the double
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relieved by drainage, may, in its turn, give rise to
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patches of cutaneous hsemorrhagic effusion are rare.
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natural and premature excitement of the sexual desire must neces-
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epidemics it has risen as high as 50 or even 80 per
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Ueeding, he has folly satisfiea himself that, speaking, of course, of the great
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the contractility of the uterus and abdominal muscles, that it is possible to
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spreading inland it follows the lines of communica-
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liciuues which we have already studied. Semobilitsr may also be exalted in the
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On post-mortem examination the spleen is in most instances
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wild tse-tse flies are infected with one or other of
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life, were alike subject to it. About the first week in
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gradually disappeared as before. After an interval of nearly an hour, ne injected
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duration. The author recollects many such cases, which he has seen mistaken
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the plan of treatment above stated can be adopted, or that any local application
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vessel, a greater elevation than that named may result in damage to
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was not owing to the war or to the plague, but mainly to a general
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or conjointly, are, m the general run of such cases, altogether incompetent and
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ing were made in the trachea, the convulsion would cease. The justice of the
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any of these creatures that may not have been passed
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congestion, which left his faculties remarkably weakened. The digitus semi'
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of terror or supplication. Mediajval literature like-
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Spirochsetes resembling S. pallida and S. refringens
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broken bone is made firm again by a deposit of new bony matter ;
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Hicheliflmiia.— Ht ^asmodic or spinal action, manifested in its ejects on the
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camphor mixture, wine of ookhioom, and tincture of tiie hydio-chlonite of
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chronic albuminuria. Its homoeopathicity is undoubted ; in fact in
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results ] whereas the same insects rarely failed to
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three times its normal size. The mucosa of the ali-
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