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dies in doses sufficiently small to secure his patient from drug-
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find other great-grandfathers and great-uncles who dis-
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lesion takes on the diaphysial type. It is always simple.
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but have been able to trace the cause to vitiated air.
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These particles or bioplasts, as already remarked, are of extreme
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infection. Metallic foreign bodies in themselves are a very
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After an active career in New York City he removed to Spottswood,
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pain in the hypogastrium, in the perinseum, the loins, the
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acting as a delegate (o the International Medical Con-
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paring of a Materia Medica adapted to the wants of both student
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Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. The breadth
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suitable commemoration of memorials relating to the
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cle, or may affect many. This feature is not absolutely peculiar,
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Perhaps, after all, it is not safe to judge of a method of medical
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business programme may be issued, and received by members on Saturday, Oct. 10.
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tion. Let those of you who do not shrink from crucial tests try
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before, he met her on the street, not only well herself, but
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Europe, including Vienna, London, Paris and Berlin. While at
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one of the plates in Neubauer & Vogel's work on urinary analysis.
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ailcntion to surgery in general andgyntecology in particu-
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or great tendency to it. The syncope is often providential.
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authority to go out into the world as a practitioner, he only changed
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in imagination all sorts of operations upon the patients in
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made a good recovery, after having been given over to die,
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M.D.,and Betsey (Belding) Pratt, both of whom are of
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Greenwich Hospital, both of Connecticut. He is also consulting phy-
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Medical Society; was also of the Buffalo Medical Association, and

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