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remedy for rheumatism. It is inferior to salicylic acid in
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him a good deal of pain to get up, but he is comfortable in bed.
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weary than sick. I prescribed for him such remedies as I thought
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obstinate vomiting, unconsciousness, and in inability to
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pearance among six hundreil children, and destroyed a great inim-
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ness, without odor, and having a slightly sweetish taste. Contains
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bone to the extent of 50 per cent, and of the soft tissue in
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endosmosis through the spongioles of the roots. (2.) The particu-
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26 labors, or in other words precisely three times as frequent as he
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ness had pervaded the buildings, which the inmates seemed to regard
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thought that phosphorus acts as a stimulant to the nutrition
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of the length of man's existence upon the earth. The following suc-
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head, and then bring them back till they touch, and com-
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and the portion of the palm opposite, and partial in the palm opposite
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cles are preserved throughout the entire length of both flaps. It
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In dessicating and oxidizing decomposing organic mat-
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present ease, however, the kiilneys showed no chan'i:e whatever : th<re
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Synomjm. — Poix blanche, poix de Bourgogne, Fr. ; Bur«-
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cotemporaries from it as an hazardous method, and one which can now

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