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Insanity appears to be due to a disordered condition of some of

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variety of food can always be easily arranged within the limits of

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charged the duties assigned them during the following

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and degenerated. An increase of the cells between the capillaries is at times

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tlie gangrene appears to occnr si)ontaueonsly. In general it may be

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blood and pus, constipation, sallow complexion, loss of strength,

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if one may use a simile of a homely kind, the deaths of many men here and

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she was decidedly relieved ; and on the next, after having taken in all

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The whole surface of the retina is blackened over by deposits of

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' Literature on bums in Pfeififer, Virchow's Archiv, 1905, clxxx, 367.

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tion. This is well exemplified by the action of the vagus on the

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alongside the mighty roasts and joints and chines and jowls and ven-

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by Bowman, Heidenhain, and, again, with modifications, by Bartels.

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from one to another and from family to family throughout whole

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against obesity by operation and to excise the monstrous and

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These are common and well known enlargements of the joint of

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a variety of ways ; and the value of his instruction

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from its solution in the blood, and driving it into the tissues where

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Indeed any condition wliich tends to lower vitality appears ta

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vapors sufficient to produce symptoms of that particular poison upon

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all this superficial show of moderation, the infiltration of the joints

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the term masl^ed r/oiif. These sym])toms must occur in the person of a

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contain a milk- colored fluid sometimes known as chyle. Chyle dif-

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and becomes chronic in spite of such well directed efforts as have

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joints are stiff' and slightly swollen, but not tender; pulse 80,

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sulphuretted hydrogen, also occur, such as the Utah and Calistoga

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Pain in the pelvic region can usually be relieved by the introduction

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are composed is undoubtedly protein in nature, but when the scantiness of

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pus i)erfect recovery may ensue. We may therefore regard this form

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the heart, to resist the backward tendency of the blood, and keep it

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and greater significance than are their due. For in none of the ani-

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that under such circumstances the joint or joints become overcharged

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1. The tendency to its occurrence is hereditary — transmitted from

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ing power of the patient, and stands in no direct relation to the in-

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