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Eye Reviver Palette Dior

Surely, if winds transport the malarial germ for any
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still. This I had an opportunity of examining. It was a
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of the ankle-joint, the other bone of the leg forming only a small
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sium is one of its compounds, which is almost as deadly as the acid
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intermittent fever will often be elicited ; or it will be
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stantly in the strictest sense of the word. And never should any tubes
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found during those temporary absences of the intra-
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32. Treatment of Lead Colic by ChUyroform. — M. Arak* speaks fiivourably of
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closely resembles *S'. hanmatobiuin in general appear-
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indicate that it appears at times in other parts of
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colour is lost in that of the natural skin. Of course an opinion upon this sub-
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[e prescribed saline enemata, sinapisms with warm bottles to the feet, and
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differences between them will be recognized only by a medical man.
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ever seen one endeavour to chan^ his or her position. I have never heard one
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The lesions of leprosy are the result, direct or in-
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has occurred between the fragments, yet the limb heals in such a
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The author had received from Dr. Brett a specimen of urine for microscopical
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must be remembered that these are relative, and not absolute,
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. .fc i . \\y\ carel'ully cultivated districts, as a rule,
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should the disease persist beyond the usual time, are
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and their peculiarity, are of true value. Those which consist in a simple modi-
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disease is nshered in by local excitement of the air-vesicles and smaller air-
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may persist throughout the attack, or reappear aa a
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attached by a rubber tube to some improvised reser-
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