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medicines, enable the patient to tolerate the presence of the instrument. Here
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been in for months. Hardly any burning pain in the lung. Hep.
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vasion by fibroblasts and by round-cell infiltration, is
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the male are provided with minute spines. The distinctive
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infrequently in such cases the girl's knowledge of the powers and
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eyes and with a bland smile informea them thaL the first girl who
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four-fold sheet. A large folded napkin shoulc olaccd between
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Mercury indispensable in indurated chancre, — The author considers mercuiy
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an attempt is made by another person. In case of fracture thcro
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if it leads practitioners to reconsider their opinions respecting the comparative
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the judicious advice and restraint of the parents, fail to abolish the
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held by Ricord. The author is doubtful on this point.
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force down, as if ne were at the water-closet. When the finger airiyes at the
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apothecaries, and by physicians in the country. It was found, however, upon
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obtained, a few, calcified it may be, but presenting
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probation ; it is the transformation of the caterpillar into the butter-
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a deep purple ; and often the skin over part or the
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the grain projects small shoots which become detached from
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spoonful of subsulphate of iron solution is added, and enough
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(Edema of the side has been often noticed in acute pleunsy, less frequently m
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alteration apparent in the tumour, which became harder and smaller after the
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swelling of the feet, varicose veins and the other difficulties result-
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the various races inhabiting the Malay peuinsuhi the Chinese are
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To stop the mischief which is brewing and which may assume
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fluenced by remedies, than an injury to an incident nerve.
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that the urine escaped involuntarily.. On placing liis hand on the abdomen,
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mata, and the frequent applicatiim of large blisters or sinapisms to the calves,
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escape if the tainted be mixed with healthy blood, yet the most
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smell is noticed. WhcDce these changes ? I have no hesitation
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sometimes rendered so raw and tender that the patient
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no avail if the patient is compelled to breathe the emanations from
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lived parasite and its hosts may havt^ contracted the
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In many cases the ligament which joins the knee-pan to the tibia is
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