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Calorease Dosage

The life cycle of these parasites (Fig. 232) is extremely
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of that disease. Hepatic enlargement and congestion
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pro]>ably after undergoing developmental changes,
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The eggs are dropped by the female casually, and hatch in
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disease should be boiled or avoided for drinking or
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Kver Dy being deeper seated. Scirrhus of the cardia cannot be detected by
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lusty cry ; if not, it may be stimulated by a few gentle taps with
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Definition.— Plague is a specific, inoculable, and
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the thermometer be used, it will be found that body
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this way they get transferred to the stomach, where,
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special disease. More recently an important advance
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rounded, flattened, or umbilicated with central depressions.
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develop into sexually differentiated cells {ganietocytes)^ which
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able to recognise this form of dislocation ot the knee at first sight, should he

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