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stomach is drinking; water. Some springs and wells contain lc;ul

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these affections, the aathor exhibits the importance oithe specalpm^ and in ont

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If the fracture be impacted, nothing further is necessary than

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saline solution, which promises well. He claims that

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II. On the Causes J Symptoms, and Treatment of Sjpermatorrhcea, By M.

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Ueeding, he has folly satisfiea himself that, speaking, of course, of the great

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egg-producers) ; each contains even at the birth of the infant thousands

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methods of treatment, for it became evident that the object was no

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to this matter, it may only be said that if a movement of the bowels

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become mere fibrous cords destitute of nerve tubules.

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liquid can no longer afford the material requisite for the growth of the fungi. In

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hitherto have escaped observation. First, theie are

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doubtful organisms, as the name implies. These problematic

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laden earth, and in this way, in many tropical planta-

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out, just as a palm tree or a bird of paradise would

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son if used only once), and the executive difficulties in applying the

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The disease is known as *' galziekte," or bile-sicknesH, in the

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the Carolines, Fiji, Britixli Guiuiiaand, undoubtedly,

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tided over an acute danger and given another chance.

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other time in the life of the human female has she such pressinjj

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this method of reducing strftneolated hernia, is contributed by DA Blackm an*

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spleens. The traveller cannot fail to ])e struck by

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the alimentary canal is not permitted the proper degree of repose.

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terrible mosquito whose eternal buzz behind our ears on sultry

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posed to reply in the negative. In his opinion, the progressive extinction of

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since instances are recorded in which fatal injury has been done by

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