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cotton saturated with glycerine, with a string tied about it ; in

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are expelled and fall on the ground. In a short time a

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Whatever may be the immediate exciting cause which calls the nervous phe-

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pigment is derived ; he may even detect the leucocytes

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which may thus in different cases accompany and be produced by derangement

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case of aneurism which came under his observation. The patient was a me-

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the other button {d). When thus stretched the drain-

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I never lost a case, however severe, where I had established ptyalism. In

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to elephantiasis, in none of the considerable number of slides

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(3) The •* Y " bacillus, fermenting dextrose and mannite.

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of malaria is very great ; it extends in the northern

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movements are very active ; it can shorten or elongate itself,

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phologically indistinguishable from T. gambiense ; but

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late lamentable instance at St. John'd Wood, near London, will for ever prevent

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lotions. He approves of nauseating medicines in Large doses, and calomel with

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when the room is heated to an improper degree, since under

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Mechanical violence also favors the decay of the teeth. For

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paring artificial food. A very popular mixture, and one which has

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> would be sufficient to expel it, or to prevent its formation. Should it occur,

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of the uterus. On remoying the latter with its appendages, |nd laying it open

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high mountains. It is very doubtful, however, if the

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month old, I usually direct from three to four ounces of milk, half

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and battery of artillery : of these, 28 developed in

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