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Dexatrim Natural Reviews

thority, being purely the result of personal experience, whicm is as follows: —

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regard to the distribution of amcebic dysentery, and

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sion ib the front part of the ribs or to the sternum, diaphragm, or pericardium.

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abscesses are practically identical. The only differ-

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ill health of our women ; these flagrant sins I hold accountable for

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already given — in local examinations and applications through the

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sent, a violet colour of considerable beauty will be almost immediately produced,

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ways. Some, such as prussic acid, arrest the action of the heart

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excessive blood destruction^-of what is, in reality,

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most commonly accdmpanies fatty diseases of the heart ; and, on the whole, in

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Probably the most generally useful of all dressings for fractures

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general convulsions; and the form of disease termed eclampsia does not differ

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have passed through the greater part of the sigmoid flexure of the colon. Warm

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organs favourable conditions for repair ; not so much

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pregnancy, whether accompanied with pain in the back or not, the

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also, a bottle of fresh sweet oil and two lengths of twisted or

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ten, and he died in about an hour after. I have since, assisted by Mr. Wm.

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irritation and partly of toxaemia ; variation in the pro-

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Shjiis. — The deformity is easily recojfnizcd ; the end o( the

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Every muscle in the body which is controlled by the will

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