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simpler procedure in preparing feedings makes sanitation easier.
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a very sensitive index to variations in the reaction of the blood. A new
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revised rules of the Council, though this exposition of
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cat). In cases that are not <|uiekly fatal, tlie hair tends to he shed, ami
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Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia
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maintained other than the establishment in which it was prepared, except as provided in
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employees. A slight odor of paint was apparent, but on the whole the room was well
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superficial femoral vein ligation is indicated. The
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of the iiiiisclc filifis ciui he ohsiTve.l. Kiiiiiepiiriiie eaiises liu' muscle to
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I. Dunn, H. L. : Am. J. Pub. Health 36:1412 (Dec.) 1946.
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55. In contradistinction to the condition of the water-closets provided for the use
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8. The only cases where live cattle were observed to be suspended in the air by their
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Pulaski County south of the Cumberland River and west of the south fork of the
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Case of Ectopia Cordis in a Id-Month-Old Infant, 289
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guarantors are the owners of the property in proportion to the
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added to a basal ration and the effect of the added food determined by
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stantial foundation. The drainage is good, and the pens are kept as clean as the char-
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contains an as>iiimet ric carhoii atom i asleiiskecl in formula"!, Mhich
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there occurs an increase in the fats and cholesterin in the blood,
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mits shall be surrendered to the carrier accepting the meat or meat-food product, who
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|i. lints, sin-li as mntinii fat. wliirli lias a lii'jii M I*, m- nkiv.' nil, w lii.-li lias
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although no results followed the use of the same organisms in similar
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steadily, and with the concentration of the slaughtering business in
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affected viscera of such carcasses are placed In the offal tank. When condemned car-

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