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Backstage Pros Eye Reviver Dior

edition, he expressed his doubts of the connection between the two diseases.

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In order to avoid this injury to the thumbs of the operator,

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going out to cultivate their fields during the day,

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carcinoma, the first of which was fatal from rupture of the utems ; the second

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the blanket near either end so as to hold the limb firmly between

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occasion condensation or ulceration^ will enable us to hear in parts where,

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'* Extrusion of granules, if occurring generally, apparently

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may be referred to. There are few medical practitioners who have not

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inches ; the distance from the nipple to the sternal end of the clavicle 6 inches

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cal contrivance. Removal of the parts of the prolapsed intestine would be use-

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I'his would give the rat population of Calcutta at about 500,000.

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affections, which may first become manifest some months or years

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the operation on the living subject, and with complete success. The method

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