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Such, then, are the principal sounds which may be heard by auscultation of

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sometimes, though much more rarely, found. Bancroft

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3. Frodromata. — Fever of greater or less intensity

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"The seriousness of the adulteration will be comprehended when it is recoUect-

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presence of much fluid beneath. Dilatation of the pupils and strabismus, to-

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residences, the rooms and outhouses belonging to which, together with some

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dyspepsia results. This fact is so evident, and is so amply demon-

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and are, therefore, of little danger. Relapses, how-

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which are never more than 22 in P. armiliattis, but 28 to 30

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for the southern States of the United States — 258

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Our efforts must, therefore, be confined to palliating

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with men who have, in their earlier years, been unfortunate in th

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becomes so slow that every respiration seems to be the last. The

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lated by Its operation, remains to be determined. Be the change, however,

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appear to justify the conclusion that these inocula-

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if the head be caroftilly observed with a high power, a

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ail these cases the spore-bearing filaments are found upon the crust-like scum

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youthful brother. Yet we will not stop to remonstrate upon this

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thumbs. The patient sits upon the floor, his head being placed

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the protoplasm of the cells of the different tissues

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ting fractions): In Massachusetts, one to fifteen ; in Rhode Island,

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or microgametes, which, breaking away, approach and

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