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    the extremity of the bone outwards must necessarily move the head of the bone

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    affected. Sometimes the affection first appeared in the mnscles of the shoulders

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    ance of placing malarial patients under tonic influences

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    of one only. However, he found it to be a very common

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    dura or the seventh, aad ^e hypo-glossal. 4th. Senso-motory or mixed nerves,

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    panied or not with pain or lachrymation, &c. &c. ; but these and other circum-

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    at the same time not too diffuse, insight into the auscultatory phenomena attend-

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    removal of the binder, accompanied by premature exertion on the part of the

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    successfully established by Lowenthal ; of 87 patients

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    been arrived at, some confusion and uncertainty still

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    The intimate nature of eclampsia we cannot understand till we shall beoome

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    convulsions is denoted by placidity of tito countenance, non-clenching of the

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    to have had a more detailed expression of his views as to the value of tempe-

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    in the habit of attempting to relieve this swollen condition of tlu

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    contents may be milky and chylous, or straw-coloured

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    physical basis for this disease in some derangement of tiic sexual

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    Sbct. I. — Symptomatology and DiagTiosis of Surgical Diseases.

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