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of ammonia, it did not deviate from the natural state. Emaciation and aneemia,
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efforts to escape. After a time, the majority succeed
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would almost inevitablv have brought down with it the fundus uteri ; and thus
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from its being taken too early or too late ; the author's own practice is to take
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action of the gastric juice, but that the hyaline capsule is
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so called because of their small, //rt/V-like size. The fact is, th;
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in many respects the symptoms usually found in dislocations.
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treatment. If one local system was present, but in a marked and constant
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perspiration which, occurring without obvious cause,
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tration of this series, the author adduces elephantiasis, and those remarkable
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" His original dietary table," Mr. Banting tells us, " consistet
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w(;ll-developed epimerite ; in the acephalinea the body is not
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On the 4th of January, 1850, she was again admitted into the hos|>ital to
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It has been asserted by many writers (and more especially by some of the
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the temple, a litde powder of equal parts of salt and borax may be placed seve-
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narily appear in a certain order, and at regular periods, which may
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