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results. You will generally hear such a statement as is made in this case,

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life permanently in the contracted state in which they were found

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■""'"'■'i' ''■ l"^'; ''^'''' ' ni,..i,.il, l'i..iii vi<-, [• .. .111,1 II,. |i;.>.,„u-

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intellect, were so intense, that the patients remained long in a

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shall intervene and assume the care of the city insane.

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the part where the hard, bony-like projection had been felt. It

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or by drinking or overeating, etc., can we expect intestinal digestion

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to her. 8ih. The persons, who had the fever, had lived in Dedham

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scribed by Ciiarcot. or the arthritis deformans occur-

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Kev. de auat. patol y clin., Mexico. 1897, ii, 1 - 10, 4 pi.—

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best done by a permanent dressing preventing the en-

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4. Gleiser, C. A., Lt. Col., et ah: Bulletin of Army

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high-colored ; the skin is often bathed in sweat, as in acute rheumatism ;

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of the sacrum, distended, the tube tied and left there ; opium

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your fellows for scientific and social intercourse, and for the cultivation of

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a high frequency current. This was not done in the begin-

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pitalities from his numerous friends. On the eve of

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home, and avoid both baths and exercises, but especially exercises.

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in the open air by having them live in tents, thus giving

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two to four hours, with gr. J of citrate of caffeine, yield

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ence of injuries or convulsions, even young girls promptly

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micturated much more frequently than natural. Quite recently

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organized matter on the solids and fluids. This combined actioii

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Respiration under Antesthesia : Recovery after Two Opera-

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Descriptions of the different varieties of ague are to be found in the

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considerable time past been diligently at work ridding

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bichloride of mercury. Dr. Weber is inclined to think that

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the majority of cases, the result of the operation is permanent and complete

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