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times weakened and abrogated from another cause in uterine ailments, — ^viz.,
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in consequence of vaso- motor paresis in the pulmonary
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whose blood or milk gave the M, niditensis reaction.
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formed^ notwithstanding their frequent use. Warm stupes and tepid lotions con-
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the theory that mf. diurna was really the offspring of L. loa.
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liable to decomposition (other circumstances being favourable) so soon as the
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years, we find it associattj .vith anything but a robust physique;
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years, I have given arsenic in the hooping-cough with the most salutary effect
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As this case had been under the care of a physician whose name was a
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[In continuation of Art 51, we give the following remarks on treatment of
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noble satisfaction in this matter — he knows that the woman who
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The mode of treatment preferred by the author is, simply puncturing the
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visihio in ono held of an inch obje<.'tivv. They form a rather
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during her sexual life ; indecfl. even before or after this perioa i
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beyond the fact thiit a niiracidiinn hatches in about ten days

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