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Online Dienste Uni Bamberg Flexnow2

1. In reference to the LUeUigence : The intelligence is little affected in disease

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cholera, the vibrio acquires an im[xirtance of the Grst

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of the urethra, can be kept at bay by the judicious use of bougies ; but in neither

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around it and attached below the sole of the foot to a rope which

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existed only for a few hours, and because those symptoms, which not unfre-

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vast importance in a practical point of view, it is one which origmated in, and

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pleted by tying the pedicle at two points about half an inch apart, by trans-

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forward, while the lower part of the trunk appears to have sunk down between

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there were no bronchial tubes running through ^e cancerous mass, suggests

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mm. in length by 0'12 mm. in breadth. The head is club-

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diminution of sound is rather the result of a congested condition of the surround-

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and by this route they once more gain the blood of the

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For disinfecting bed-pans and similar vessels and for cleansing

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cases, the author says, that it is countenanced not only by actual cases of

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other children who have suffered much from sickness— and seem to take plea-

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occasionally by a dentist ; this is especially necessary if there be any

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intervals often of great irregularity. One month, two, three, six

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and worked upon by matter, so in a very little time such a living

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Further, in uterine disease we find another abdominal organ not unfrequently

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no pressure can be borne without injury by the mature woman;

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For this reason closets should be supplied by pipes a separate

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15 parts ; oxide of zinc, 5 parts. Tx)tions of calamine,

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being allowed it to breathe — while the mother receives the atten-

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