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Different inrcstigators have extracted from damaged maize
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the thigh. Besides, however, its power of limiting backward movement, a
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utuatioii for elephantiasis. The arms are more rarely
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instead of the bandage, which encircles the limb through ihc
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are chiefly used in medicine for two purposes . first, to promote
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"medical gentleman/* is not comprehensive enough for the present
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Art. 12.— On Codhver OH tn PhJthi$i$, By Dr. Walsh*.
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attended with much pain, we shall onen, by the administration of sedative
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should be kept shaved, and cold applied to the scalp.
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leprosy bacilli, was unable to obtam any growth after prolonged
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teeth while asleep. The fit often begins by a twitching of the
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amounting in some cases t-o actual pain ; the face —
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upper or cranial, and at the lower or caudal, extremity of the embryo, as well as

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