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ment; the result is that the length of the limb is increased, and
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the same points on the opposite side measured, when rotated outwards, 4 inches
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It is also matter of common observation, that the salutary action of mercunr on
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infection of al)out a thousand worms, male and female.
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lumen of the vessels and to their endothelium. But if
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jection of recovered or of hypcrimmunized blood, and
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flight, and reproduces, to the great astooisnment of^the patient and his atten-
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I'T mm. The body is cflindrical, milky-white, smooth, and
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a history of fever at the outset of their troubles ;
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ber of his daughters who could \'>\d the di-: iff. ' Then (irrece, fcr
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lack of tact. It is therefore extremely desirable that all useless
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sine emetind had no deleterious effi^ct. The toxic constituent
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ordinary breathinff, instead of being partly costal, as we find it in health, is
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pieces of cartilage from the tibia, The piece escapes into the cavity
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the cord at a distance of about two and a half or three inches from
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East generally. In the southern hemisphere, although
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fuller ins]nration is attended with stitch. Sometimes
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hours, and as long as it is deemed that there is any
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state and subsequently dissolved in absolute mothylic alcohol.
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pitch. The joints of these should be filled with lead and caulked.
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solution of the chloriae of soda or lime. Into the glass funnel was put a weak
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which he was conducted. His paper concludes with the account of a similar
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•cute or sabactite iAiiammatuHi was present, it onght first to be snbdaed bj anti-

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