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A lady whom I had examined several times nearly twenty years ago had an

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to stand, the tlocculi, and perhaps minute clots, will

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Meved, but castor-oU was required in addition to remove obstinate constipation.

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conception, even though the male clement be of proper qualit

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these consequences— the suppuration • and ulceration, and not the tubercle—

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may (if permanent) indicate that there exists some bronchial irritation, which,

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will almost certainly sink still further in consequence of the stretch-

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V)e informed of the contagiousness of this unpleasant

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Another curious phenomenon, which has been already repeat-

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designated by Laennec as the first stage of pneumonia 3 but these changes al-

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be sitaated in the heart itssif ; and also, as the patient may be robust or cachectic

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a previous attack. — A well-established fact about

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uteri are— 1, Chronic inflammation and its consequences — hjrpertrophy, ulcera-

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and ulceration of the lips and gums, as at nrst to have impressed me, as it had

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Africa, and is causing a large amount of invaliding

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themselves for days did not appear to run a shorter course than those where

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The history of this case is as follows : — On the previous day, this woman and

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the results of my own experiments and observations lead me to the conclusion,

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with the juice of a lemon, Jeyes' fluid or bran in the

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millions are simultaneously circulating in the blood-

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under tbe soil. Decomposed matter and animalcule have oftea

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among them, bright-red, sharply circumscribed, small

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exception broad jaws and well-developed teeth, showing that when

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of erfjot are most favorable; and, if this fail, it is not seldom acces-

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made to the part. Ice or ice-water is the most convenient, and can

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quently present themselves. Iliere is something characteristic in this affection.

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