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and used all his eloquence to induce the other foxes to part vith

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be already a mother, since the changes in the breasts are usually

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this method of reducing strftneolated hernia, is contributed by DA Blackm an*

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ney alone in 2, (total, 25.) The author does not find similar appearances in

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and continued sufferings a limited extent of diseased bone will cause. Of this

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we remember what has been said about the anatomy of the parts.

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of the body, behind the fourth pair of legs. After a second

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external onfice. It was impossible, however, either with the finger or probe, to

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The tumour when it came away was greatly decomposed, softened, and conse-

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six, and with a pair of large stigmata placed, one on each side

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has been freely tried, and without benetit, it must not

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with which hjemoglobinuric fever concurs with malarial

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narv manner of speaking, each chord would be moved outwards and inwards

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all these cases the trouble begins in the vulva and usually remains

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magnesia^ with a chalybeate ; or of the muriate of ammonia^ taraxacum, and

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vicinity — ^render it, I think, far more probable that the tissue presenting the ex-

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disease than nerve leprosy, sapping the strength and

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trust Dr. Fenner will meet with sufficient encouragement to enable him to con-

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best index to her physical qunlifications is the condition of her own

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nized physiological law. If the brain and the nervous system are

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seat, in many instances, of a peculiar infiltration

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