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Harga Colchicine

terior lobe no marked changes. In the anterior lobe the

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resignation of Dr. George B. Dock, who has gone to St.

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relative to measures for the prevention of the intro-

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Clearly defined areas of anaesthesia or hypersesthesia

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Infection of middle finger of left hand in November,

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ficient amount of this specific proteolytic ferment

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Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for trans

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lymphocytes, thirty-three per cent. ; hyaline, sixteen per

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that certain of the polypeptids may be split in a dif-

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about once a year at places of less altitude, and ap-

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vidual case ; the earlier the operation the better the

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18. See Mills. Hysteria, American Journal of Insanity,

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4. Thompson and Ewing. Medical Record, liii, pp. 333,

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Biology. General and Medical. By Joseph Mc'F.\rl.\nd,

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5. .Sophol in Ophtb.almia Neonatorum, By von Herff.

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obtained, and it must be recalled that fixity is neces-

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the anaesthetic is concerned, the danger is passed.

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Berlin; Prof. Kuttner, Breslau; Prof. Lange, Miinchen :

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class and to the public generally of a searching ex-

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Vital Statistics of New York. — During the week end-

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hilis und metasyphilitischen Erkrankungen mit dem neuen

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scientious statistician, but the visiting members of

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change in consistence is made by the deposit of mu-

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Wednesd.ay, November 2d. — Society of Alumni of Belle-

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or the injury to the intercranial tissues forbids re-

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5. The Diagnosis of Incipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis,

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sult we find the absence or rather rarity of cancer

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ever, it is my belief, that investigators in general

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a result hitherto impossible with any other form nf

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."^erum therapy receives much attention. "The ideal

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to ascertain as far as possible the factors which favor the

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suicide registered for 1909 o\er the number, 8,332, for igoS,

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similar to that of adrenal hyperplasias and certain

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poral side of the nerve head along the line of least

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