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phia and meconic acid to the contents of the stomach, but feiiled in obtaining
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medical man the existence of a formidable disease than the presence of a dis-
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tinctly felt as a very firm, hard body, about the size of a cocoa-nut,
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ent<'rs into the invertebrate host, in which it develops still
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jected had had no influence upon the quantity of albumin. I pres-
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idlowed by heat and sweating, had appeared at regular intervals, but were suo-
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S a boy aged 16, residing in Jadu Nath Srimany's Lane
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condition, epistaxis, he maintains, is often an early
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relieved by drainage, may, in its turn, give rise to
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especially over the shins ; muscular feebleness and
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the anterior boixler of the lateral folds forms almost
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trary it may be to her earnest entreaties that she might be spared
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dj-'eply lobed ; they are situated in the middle oi the body be-
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author of a very important monograph on the medical use of belladonna, says
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differences in the nomenclature of the tick used by various
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lumen of the gut, the functions of which are still further
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tress be found ? Or how rare is it for a highly intellectual woman
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Back-draughts short and not loud. | Back-draughts long and noisy.
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tain amount of support to this view. Others suggest
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that the infant will be robust and hearty. Yet there is a limit,
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^ M. Michea asks whether these facts throw any light on the etiolo^ of deli-
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