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    Polypus of the rectum mi^ht be mistaken for stricture of the gut
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    rating. It may be given in sugar. The malate may be prepared in an analogous
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    made in the linea alba, about five inches in length, commencing an inch above
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    and streaming down the walls, the effluvia from the
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    progress after one, two, or more initial inflauimatory
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    judging from the statistics collected by Nicholls, the
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    another place, and vice versa. The same observations
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    Sstem a helpless victim to the disease. Whereas, by short and vigorous courtes,
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    broad or posterior ends whilst the anterior end becomes
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    able manner : arid it would be impossible to say that the beneficicd influence was
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    tinct. ferri muriatis. Alarm beine given, 9 of sulphate of zinc was exhibited
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    With regard to food, but two points need be especially men-
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    the submucous layer, and that lateral-spined ova are
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    occurs with especial frequency in this part — the condition known
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    ]>atient's sufferings were much relieved by trephining
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    pression is, that the bullet must have passed at stool, either
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    information was received as to the nature of the disease of
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    successful puncture inoculations, altliough they some-
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    some of the symptoms which will be presently described as those of
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    kim by Mr. Anderson, his late colleague at the Western Dispensary. It would
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    observed liefore puberty ; it has been found only after
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    Manifestly the subject is still in its infancy. Many
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    to another and serve to keep these bones in their proper position.
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    twenty years, or, it may be, longer. This happens chiefly m persons not exposed
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    resistance of the bowels, such as the depressing or
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    chemical body merely, but that it is a living germ.
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    for, although ulcerative rhino-pharyngitis is common
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    bloo<l destruction within the vessels by some toxic
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    differs from simple suppurative inflammation.-^2d. Origin of the rheumatic
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    believo(l that the flukes enter their vertebrate hosts as cercarisB,
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    cles composing the calf; for, until this is done, it will be absolutely
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    Professor Lan^enbeck, of Eriangen, lays down some general principles for
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    ance of plumpness is further increased by a greater
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    scaly, state of the pericardium, about the base of the heart ; and perhaps a fifth
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    tropicus, is probably a form of miliaria (not of lichen)
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    topical remedies as would be used in the most severe affections of the mucous
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    on auscultation. A bistoury was introduced at its summit, to the depth of about
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    p«rfi>rmance of thd reparatiye processes. The changes which the blood under-
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    may be more fieely used as a eolfyrium. It has, probably, more astringent with
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