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    Hypnos Twin Guest Bed

    brought about in this way ; but acute disease, with

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    of cases of acute dysentery the liver is hyperaemic and

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    cellulitis, &c.; or there may be complete retention, as from the pressure* of

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    so rapidly that the patient is quickly overpowered as

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    like these, is caused by some organism which demands

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    August I heard that a peculiar disease had appeared

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    of an unknown parasite. In 1890, in a similar case, Yamagiwa

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    6. Derivation by issues. — This is especially indicated in those forms of ophthal-

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    with haemorrhagic inflammatory effusions around the

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    in spite of this tremendous loss, the bleeding was still going on without check or

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    The latter author observes that, if the patient have been one or twi^ weeks

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    had for several weeks a paroxysm every evening, at an almost fixed hour. In

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    cure, that he would not advise it in preference to ligature. He does not,

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    been uead for some time and the boily is cold, the fleas have

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    culation onlv at certain periods, as in the case of T. rhodesiensc

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    made in either an earthenware or an enamelled dish.

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    loss of the salino! constituents. Hence the necessity

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    It is usually better to take four, five or even six meals a da\' rallur

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    sidEened with beriberi, whilst those on cured rice e8cai>ed the

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    fourteen cases on secondary hsdmorrhage after delivery 270

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    of Montreal.f The patient was a young lady, aet. 17, who had two years before

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    of inflammation ; recurring attacks of inflammation

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    it occurs both as free-linng forms and as parasitic in animals,

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    to it: but before it bunts into teais all these phenomena disappear, and the

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    gamete, therefore, is composed of these two elements

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    Technology Environment News 12-14-07 of Dekalb Academy