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Siderosis. — It is in livers of this description that

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use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.

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The muscles are divided into two general classes, voluntary

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able amelioration took place ; the urine became more abundant and'

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61. Removal of the Os Calcis for Necrosis ...... 127

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Seritoneal sac, if we feel it still showing itself in the most dei)endent parts. It

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extreme length of the heel, the leg seeming to be planted at about

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must be careful to clothe warmly, especially on first

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backwards and forwards in the long axis of the trypanosorne.

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e. hypopharyux ; /,/. maxlllm ; g, labium ; *, lab«lla.

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disturbances, although cardiac weakness and partial suppression

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pOgjiLily the cercuria ataj^us uaually eihibited by the trematodei.

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many instances of countries previously malarial which

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