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of patients, varied greatly in length* ā€” 20 mm. ( Ulan chard ) ;
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and the manner in which the foetus was expelled ā€” viz., in the membranes. It
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days, the discharge still continues, two tablespoonfuls of alum may
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plasm, and holds that they are functionally hypertrophied
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indulged. The same disposition inclines her, also, to naps during
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in consequence of which a structure, intended only to be temporary, has be-
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[DĀ» Griffith was induced to study this subject from the perusal of the interest-
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large store of thrashed barley, so copiously mingled with darnel, that at least
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spection of these hypertrophied spleens, 08pe(?ially
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history of dysentery ā€” not necessarily recent dysen-
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he has invariably found tubercles in one or other organ of the body, sometimes
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pyrexia. Hughes, in his elaborate monograph, desig-
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Horner, Dr., on the treatment of lacerated perineum
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stimulants and over-feeding, to which she often becomes aildicted
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confinement to bed for three days. This having subsided, on the 25th of January
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Lastly. That incipient phthisis may present all its characteristic symptoms be-
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every second day, just like the chills and fever of ague. In such

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