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times to be made out, and is not without its value as
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hope to accomplish but little because they come too late ; physical
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plication by schizogony takes place. The nucleus, hitherto
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tinued for three or four hours. So soon as the pain and swelling
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In most cases in which a fracture has failed to unite, it is advis-
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the one case, the pig in the other — and by the habits
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almost equal variation in the duration of pregnancy in woman.
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Calamus. — An infusion of the root is sometimes used for
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ance to the tropical pathologist in that they may be ingested
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power being used it neoessary. A very little practice aufHces
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by the vigorous use of soft soap and hot water, the
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ordinary mode, and subsequently, in two of the cases, under the forna of the
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slightly marked the eruption may fade in twenty-four
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those devised by Jeremy Taylor. It is assumed that the significance
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their brains not overtaxed. Candies, doughnuts and hot biscuits
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tongue, sordes in the mouth, and muttering delirium,
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bf means of rectal injection of liver pas containing amrebse.
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time. A week later the cases were still more numer-
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plished only by the exercise of consich.Table violence. It is ii'^ualiy
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this is not the only condition. Were it the only con-
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Nathan Allen, of Lowell, Mass., in an able essay on the subjct,
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like particles possessing active, brownian movement.
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The patient's mouth and throat are extremely sore ; the surface
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hardly recognised her ; she staggered into the hall, ** a poor emaciated creature,
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swampy regions at the foot of mountains, and in the
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with advantage with quinine, but for the disease itself
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again to examine the stools microscopically, and, if it
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those devised by Jeremy Taylor. It is assumed that the significance
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the efficacy of ergot in many cases, renders its exhibition questionable where
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blow, chill, or surfeit referred to, may contribute to
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of knowledge by reading the records of such when he cannot see them for
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grene. Clarke remarks : '^The boils in which Sec. is indicated
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oil siven. When cicatrization is complete, the patient ii perfectly cured. Dief-
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to be somewhat similar to that (if the antipyretics
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gormandize during lactation as well as at other times, and that arti-
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other. In other cases the deformity consists in a change in the relative situa-
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urine scanty, and the loins ache excessively, Sternl>erg

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