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    Lipostabil N Iv

    healed, after a month or so, when the patient is quite well, the wedge ms^ be

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    follows: Ancient British, 203 ; Roman British, 143; Anglo-Saxon,

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    ceased since the escape of the liquor amnii. The patient was by her own desire

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    hands and the soles of the feet. " Clivostek's sign,"

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    (Doubtful : M, rossii, M, Christopher si^ Pyretophorus

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    is relatively less marked ; the pyrexial stage is more

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    The temperature now falls rapidly to normal or sub-

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    white the other of yellow powder, advertised to contain nutritive value

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    multiply and flourish in the blood and give rise to

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    58. On the Epidemic Ofhthplmia in Tipperary gnd Athlone, hy W. R. Wildi,

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    must be remembered that the womb increases in size from the very

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    which are never more than 22 in P. armiliattis, but 28 to 30

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    murmur), or of a hoarse snoring character (sonorous murmur\ and between the

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    parasite, in consecjuenee of the intense tinting of the

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    hemolytic to sheep's coqmscles (heated to aO F. for half an hour)

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    the lower part of one or both dorsal reffions, and after the subsidenoe of other

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    circumstances as regards ventilation, they never had experienced any evil effects

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    in which an injury can be pronounced absolutely fataL There are many con-

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    to this matter, it may only be said that if a movement of the bowels

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    By much flatulence, an alternation of pallor and flushing in the face

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    hree of these have been chiefly feared — namely, rupture of the perineum,

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    t}ie common alcoholic tincture rendered less stimulating by the application of

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    tion, we defer any such remarks to a more fitting opportunity, the great object

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    leucocytosis in patients from the endemic zone sug-

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    eye should not be opened for the next four days ; but as the lint becomes soiled

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    occurs in placenta pra;via. The woman should maintain the re-

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    In this early stage, and often not at all during its whole course, parents would

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