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times accompanied by choleraic symptoms. The stools
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will enter through the unbroken skin. This matf be the case also with the pus
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mittents and in the various larval forms of malaria,
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which you will know by listening over its course from that organ, and observing
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ers and farriers that if a cow gives birth to two calves, one of which
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I. Premonitory signSfJumished by the intellectual and moral facuUiesj-^Almoei aH
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dusky, diffuse, ill defined, and prone to ulcerate.
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but only in persons who have frequented those parts
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Nitrate of silver, therapeutical uses of .... . 220
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aMent or only slightly marked. Remembering my experience of
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morning was quite sensible, Uiough still sleepy. His mind was evidently un-
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thouL^h they do not allow the ends of the bones to be drawn
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muscular injections of very minute doses of arseniate
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jets from the nipple. Indeed, at times, the sympathy between the
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flea theory beat explains tlie liehaviour of epidemic
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great toe, have little or no reference to the smaller bursa itself, but to the
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with open ditches, which are so arranged that when the sewage is
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Occasionally hard, kernel-like pieces can be felt in
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and bodr. Antipyretic dnsss aie of t^htt litue serrice^
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pain, occurring at intervals ; nausea ; vomiting and pur^ng of liquid matters ;
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ments on the effect of sunlight on animals fed on a
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qui'rts of water. If this be not at hand, the burned surface should

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