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disease has occurred on some previous occasion, may
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plague bacillus from one to the other, the infection
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mature sexually at an earlier period than their fairer sisters, whose
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injection, the first evidence of constitutional disturb-
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from Central Africa, and by others in India (Assam,
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is an unaccountable feeling of weakness, accompanied
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lunibricoldeg; g, Ascaris iuniliricoidcs (unfcriilizeil).
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tom. ii, p. 369 ; Raybard, **Gaz. M6d. de Paris," 1841, p. 66 ; Bonnet, " Velpeau,
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spected these establishments. Both the boys' and &*^* schools are situated
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obstrucUon in which it has been performed, but also by the instances in which
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When numbers of persons of various classes have to use closets,
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sweating is the dangerous element, the diaphoresis may
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the sick room is proper ventilation. Fresh air is of extreme
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first of a simple white, next a yellow, afterwards brown, and lasdy a deep dry
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Symptoms, — As a rule the patient is not aware of
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of cancer of the lung has been established on a tolerably certain basis ; and that
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3. In a few cases the sewer-gas is discharged above the house-
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instances there is marked bronzing of the skin, as in
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It is therefore no longer open to (]iie8tion that the im-

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