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in the pus coming from the walls of the abscess a few

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character, a weakening, a diminution, and an abolition of irritability, more

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fected. Beyond this we have no reason for assuming that different

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the glottis, the epiglottis, pharynx, tongue, or mouth

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would have run a more rapid course ; but such was not the result ; for though

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swelling, the derma is found to be dense, fibrous, and

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practitioner has principally to deal with either bacil-

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reproductive organs, the womb and ovaries, usually remain in a

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be encountered. • If the observer be fortunate and

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various sources, gives an interesting table showing

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cephaliM canisj are the transmitters in the endemic

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as cnronic infiammation, hypertrophy, polypus, cauliflower excrescences, car-

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but this idea was at once discarded for other hypo-

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fact the fracture-box is not the most satisfactory dressing for iiie.x-

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stamping out the disease in already affected localities.

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ordinary way ; this is called the vegetative or multipUcative

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resembling the classical Euroi)ean and Indian forms,

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usually treated by mild measures or even ignored altogether. Ex-

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fact that the same independent action of the spinal cord takes place

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Dr. Jacob tried tinctures of hop, hemlock, and tobacco in cases where the vinum

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of a week. The patient informed me that she believed the

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show no sign of disappearing ; in recurrent periostitis of lower

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backward. Thus the pear may, instead of standing almost verti-

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less than in the cutting and tearing operation ; that

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these sores almost always, under favourable conditions,

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Another form of plaster splint is the so-called " Bavarian "

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strength and endurance. The result is plain and inevitable : at

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Technology Environment News 12-14-07 of Dekalb Academy