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Precio Computadora Vit

chronic prostatitis the prostate is often somewhat enlarged, irregular, some-

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mills, i-cpn'sriit.'.! I.\ .•MliiHii (Iiii\i(lc. of tlirsi' tlllec, till' (irsi

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as usually seen in hypertrophy, and when the suburethral portion of the

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27 were cured, 56 were unhealed, and in 23 of these a secondary nephrectomy

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Distribution. — Stone is common in the cold as in the warm climates, in the

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lluenees taken aloiiy: with the fact, which will he shown later, that tlh

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tumors are those due to a pyonephrosis with mixed infection, and in these

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iiltic niiri-iir rairicil l>> tin' i-i'llnloiil Tin' ia\ nllii-li il Iruiii I In' litth'

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,,,„l,..tie c.n.lition. .•arin..' little f.u' \hat is ..'oin._' on aroun.l Inm. an.l

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was filled with holes that were supplied by new os-

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when in bed, care in the kind of mattress, adjustment of small pillows,

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The common vanety bears very little resemblance to the ordinary angio-

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Deformans. — The examples of thb are sometimes very striking. Thus, in

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same cells suspended in an unknown solution; if wo lin<l that tlio cells

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I'uriiii; muscular exercise the residual air of the

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Nsnial hciiioLiliiliiiiili ia is not known. It is |)iolialily due to the picscm ■

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increase in the severity of the symptoms, and of course much more so in the

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nephritis. Under certain circumstances the hemorrhage is of such a char-

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