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tively long legs, narrow hairy wings, and long hairy

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in the Philippines — the examinations having been made after

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of things must necessarily occasion in the circulation through the heart, and what

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also found in the liver, in the g:ill-bladder, in the pancreas, in

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blood on the microscope slide much in the same way that mf.

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projected more, and was soft and fiuctuating. No abnormU sound was heard

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allay the scalding pain which accompanies the increased vascularity consequent

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Toothache which originates not in any local difficulty around

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extreme point of habitable existence near the poles to the intense

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pilgrimage from childhood to womanhood, it becomes evident that

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of the corpuscles into heaps and clusters, the usual

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general heeilth will also favor success in the restoration of the

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with the juice of a lemon, Jeyes' fluid or bran in the

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tion of the skin with a coarse towel, will also be found beneficial.

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wards, so that when the patient attempted to stand, it was this part of the foot

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Owing to the rapidity with which fission takes place the

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the [iahsa;^e from host to host their gf*rms are not

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of the blood or in the preparations of previous in-

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necessary to understand the elements at least of the structure and

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may pass, extending two feet above the surface of the table,

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muscles of the gluteal or scapular region, the skin

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custom of physicians, by the weights and measures used by apothe-

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the mere anatomical evidences of aisordered action.

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bickness. On the death of the patient he made a most carefiu

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purulent ccmtaminations, Dr. Law concludes with the following recapituladons

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called attention to this disease, of which he has collected a con-

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solicited by fatigue, chill, privation, and other causes

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** By th(j use of the durk-fii'ld infthod, and more especially

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much pain and tenderness in the canal of the vagina. But she is suflering still

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tertian parasite, Plaamodiuvt vivax (Plate I., Fig. 2),

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property of weight and soft resistance. But liquid thus contained may be dis*

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takes place, it is milder, and neither injurious to life nor to the integrity of the

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The examination of several thousand cases has shown that in

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without displacement of the other contents of the abdomen.

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may, in some instances, cause an apoplexy or rupture

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peated again and again, on mice, rats, guineapigs, and

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from instjuitaneous failure, as well as from the some-

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sure on its structure, in which case another portion of its substance must contain

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amount of blood lost, increasing, therefore, during the first day or

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made by mixing equal parts of Goulard's extract and acetum opii. There is, of

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Causes. — While it is impossible to say, with certainty, what

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