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Rocaltrol Ingredients

& Galeni, Cytifus Maranthx , (fo called becaufe it


Macroscopically viewed the vessels of the cord and brain are

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Month or more. Being thus prepared, it may be 1 r „£ X5 i> Obferoathn. That the Black and

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the like, it gives Eafe, and fpeedily cures them, ad-

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gainft another , in number about eight, nine or ten

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larly cleanfes, and drys hollow Ulcers in other parts

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more purulent and curdy looking than formerly, but was not at

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among the Rulhes in Georges Fields near Southwark ,

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are practically unknown. Vulpian ^^ reported a case where an erup-

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<•0/0/*. . 4 / the upper Joints of the Stalks come \

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as alfo all forts of Bleedings, whether by the Mouth’

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ted with Jmall red Spots -, like unto the Spotted Sa-

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Lips,' and the fifth Leaf 'which is the great eft, Jl ani-

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pion has. a.Root very, fibrous, or full of fmall firings,

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the other, by Couples. The blowers grow at the tops

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Leaves , and Flowers, like unto the former Oriental

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upper end, with a Flap, not much unlike the to Flow-

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the patient's health, and if it is depressed to restore it to the

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is fmall and reddijh , which being Sown with us will

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up higher, with many more Branches, and more hoary,

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manner of growing, does very much refemble the for-

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Orleans Volunteer Infantry. Dr. Avery was appointed Surgeon

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has a Root like the aforegoing , abiding all the Win-

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any circle at the bottom of the blower : but in no-

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les the Reins, Ureters and Bladder, provokes Urine,

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time, appoint one of its number, or a person not a mem- boalcl of health -

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nl ?l r ?!? a If 1 Sll ps °F Wallflowers, ot of any

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pressions, unstable, and more readily translate a sensation into motion.

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Dr. Leveritt Hubbard, the first president of both the New Ha-

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TVtfr, in the Native Places of its Growth , (but \ot

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Head-, which when it is ripe , is Jome thing J hort ,

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Five Leav’d Grais, Cinkfoil, Pentapbyllum , i’W//-

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represented the town of East Hartford in the General Assembly,

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