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    of the most aromatic soup, of such strength as cannot be obtai:
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    of those cases which originate in hernia. The cases which he has in view are
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    with certainty; and it may be conjoined, if requisite, with ammonia, camphor,
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    which dentition is presumed to be the exciting cause. In the nrst place, before
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    The inguinal canal is an opening or channel which passes
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    stethoscope, that a murmur has become distinctly audible, proving that the velo-
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    There arc several nymphal stages ; the exact number has not
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    The second use of mustard is in the shape of mustard plasters
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    nerve is the form which most rapidly gives nse to atrophy ; *but this is exclu-
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    The disease is endemic, and very common in Jamaica. It differs
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    may live for many years. Experiments with the microfilaria of
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    The ovaries are subject to tumors of several varieties which it
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    often 140, and even 160 per minute; and it is also in greatly enfeebled hearts
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    Autopsy. — ^The uterus was lying at the right side of the abdomen with ita
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    133.) •Sometimes the pathological changes induced

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