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epidemics diarrhoea is unusually prevalent. It is a
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food also ; yet a mistake is often made in permitting the child to
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to contain grains of hscmozoin. Particularly is this
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this. He could come out of the room about three weeks after the
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cle in the lung. I confess that such is not my view of the patnology of pulmo-
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chanic, 8Bt. 25, and had for some years complained excessively of his head.
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known, but the attitude of the workman also. So, too, in this respect the
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womb. Within twenty-four hours the abdomen is often some-
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present marked differences in t'lf > sexual powers and organs.
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external surface appears as a mere elongation and thickening or the skin, but
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bowels, as a rule, are confined. Occasionally hei*pes
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the act of nursing promotes the return of the womb to its natural
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mature female crowded with embryos in all stages of develop-
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and others state that the quartan parasite is coemhoh
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tion of the ovaries. Instances have been known in which this con
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notice is a pouting of the lips of the orifice, which is not circular, as in gonor-
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elephantiasis arabum is the leading feature, it is not
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by giving to this part exclusive or excessive attention, to develop it
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skinned natives linimentum iodi freely applied, and
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used to point out^ that a jar, or any other vessel similar to the cranium, with
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Peruana, measles, and foot-and-mouth disease of animals, have
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died undelivered, after the powerful and sustained efforts to relieve her. It was
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sheaths of the nerves, in the latter case producing neuralgia. In confirmation
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turnip or carrot, one ounce of dry toast, fruit out of a puddinj.
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pendent origin, it may originate from disease of the internal surface of the artery,
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rather than suffer the intolerable irritation induced
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though not infrequently the two conditions coexist.*
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blood ; a tablespoonful, or thereabouts, l>eing passed at
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The trypanosomes of birds probably develop in mosquitoes ;
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A little stagnant water and refuse in the yard or under tli
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the womb ; he-ice it is especially valuable to arrest the flooding
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