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the effete blood- corpuscles are converted into bile

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formal divorce was granted ; but the divorcer, till his death, was

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is otherwise in the case of the invalid, of delicate sickly-

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poured in and a moderate quantity of loaf sugar added. The pro-

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spasm, and death ; in men, vomiting, diarrhoea, desquamation of

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suppression. Keeping in mind the hint which Dr. Eyre's remarks supply, we

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the clinical features thus: "Tliis fever is generally

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By T. B. Peacock, m.d., Assistant-Physician to St Thomas's HoapitaL

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are increased in cases of dilated hypertrophy, of nervous palpitations, and when

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The right shoulder also presented a very remarkable prominence, formed by the

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and so cause a softening — a cavity resembling an

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danger of escape of pus into the peritoneal cavity,

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have been expected that the signs of the existence of a cavity would have been

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owing to a combination of circumstances, had at so early a period been sufficient

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A peasant, aged 30, of athletic form and vigorous constitution, the subject of

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you will be strook with the cloee amtlogy they bear in their manner of iqppeamnoei

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lent cases, he has seen meningeal congestion, but never inflammation well

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weaning her child, to increase her own strength and activity b)- a

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and apeiient salines. The combination of these three

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containing grains or blocks of hiemozoin — are very

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[We insert t^ese cases nearly as they are narrated by an acute observer and

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patient applied for a radical operation. Dr. Bigelow stated to him that the ope-

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apparent and more rigidly insisted upon than in institutions founded

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as I said before, no proof of the absence of such process at the time of its depo^

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