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questionable evidence of the presence of one or more
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the chest from the abdomen. It is attached to the lower enc
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It need hardly be mentioned that this system is suited to out-
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will thrive and very likely gain weight ; but if it be
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substratum. The grains are not enclosed within nodules, as is
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bra; in the neck are dislocated. This injury is beyond all relief.
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imaginative young ladies, as to just how tall and heavy and grace-
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The patient being etherised, an incbion of four inches was made.«ommencing
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air ; their knee-jerks should be tested, and their legs
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fulness much depends, as has been remarked by Dr. Stokes, on the previous
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nistered. The blood was then examined for the purpose of detecting chloroform
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heart, nave been discovered after death. Indeed, in the words of Dr. Unwins,
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siderable portions of the lung are collapsed. In such cases there will exist, in
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cretion of purulent matter, and perhaps benumb the sensitive villi or papiUa, Of
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healed they leave an indurated condition oi the skin and subcutaneous cellular
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as to the observance of proper intervals between these times ; care
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Fractures of both bones of the leg may be divided for conven-
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several specimens have been isolated, and believed to
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does in the brain proper, and there can be no doubt that the infiuence arising
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circumstance that, when solutions of certain kinds of
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less, important facts for the woman to remember, since they often
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its life, may do harm, but can do no good. If the secretion of
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that ere long they will be discovered. The investi-
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Keep the arms in this position for two seconds, then turn them
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this bandajTo is pinned, and a second one is applied around the
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errors arise from the observers not being aware how deep in the abdomen the
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any evidence which would lead to the supposition that opium had been admi-
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backs of the hands, the external surfaces of the arms,
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be allowed to marry. With reference to this, wc may say that the
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volume of washed sheep's corpuscles. Should the Huspei;ted, serum

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