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linarunij as it is called — is evidently the result of
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resembles that of the quartan insHmuch an it consists
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In this case the swellings were congenital, and had
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serious to be neglected or to be hidden. Far better than the attempt
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Iullu«*ur«' «»!' Ixilitiido iiii«l reason.— Tn
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end of the thigh-bone, when the leg is bent ; the object of this little
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Cutaneous sensibility presents other singular modes of perversion. A case
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readily communicated to monkeys, dogs, rats, guinea-
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In treating this fracture, the first object is to relax the mus-
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apparent trace of the disease has vanislie<.l, a joint or
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again risk the dangers of a tropical climate ; certain
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tinued to increase until she was admitted into the hospital. A week after this,
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stools. If there be signs of congestion from abnormal dentition, no time
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Art. 7. — On the Premonitory Signs qf Severe Cerebral Disease and their importanee.
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amputations, and other great operations upon the extremities — ^yis., that the
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cvnth, and scammony. two doses of jalap, and the use of active purgative clysters.
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5 gr. every day. If the drug is doing good, copious
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me formation of an extensive hsemoptoic engorgement to its conversion into a
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The knee-pan may be dislocated either outward or inward or
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in Cambridge, England, has confirmed Had wen's experiments.
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the adenitis, the exanthem, the alopecia, the absence
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by means of bandages so as to secure perfect repose. The knee is
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urine albumiu and the formed elements from the renal gland. In
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proving the action of the large intestine. By securing a flow of
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well, the discharge rapidly diminishes, and the dressing
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during the summer and autumn months, but manifestly inappro-
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sults, and further proof that bubonic plague is not
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b&ve occurred in islnnda, in aeipoiU, and on board ship, llie
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may be given at once. If irritating food has been taken, an emetic
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surgeon that these cancers occur with especial frequency in those
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of scar tissue; or, after softening, to ulcerate and

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