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Lipogel Wound

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Tuberculosis, syphilis, renal disease, or alcoholism

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means of the band to the abdomen. On the next day and day after, the apph-

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tude ; at no other time is she so completely dependent for sympathy

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we look, in the first instance, for a corresponding

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The situation of the growth, whether within or without the uterine cavity,

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exploratory incision is, that tne state of the acetabulum may also oe ascer-

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the malarious regions of Lower Egypt, and it is rare

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select the proper remedial measures for its treatment and cure.

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proof that the parasite passed directly to the stomach,

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Nothing is known of the transmission of this parasite or

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logy we are less acquainted than the spleen, yet he considers it would perfectiy

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leeched, and the gray powder, in very minute doses, as an alterative, was ad-

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a highly predisposed liver exciting causes other than

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therefore unfilterable, that injected into non-immunes

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nine or ten ounces of blood in this case did great harm, although he thinks and

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offspring. Such circumstances may arise at any time, and impera-

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