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Viarexin And Viatropin

rieK. Above it tre two prominent papillte. On either side of

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dried, powdered, and dissolved in 250 grm. of glycerine, to

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characterized by a single paroxysm of fever of typical

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the stomach consists of the small and the large intestine. The

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ceed to extensive effusion in the smaller oronchial tubes, the success of any

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cases, again, according to Dr. Copland, the only morbid appearances have been

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locomotion. The development in the vertebrate host appears

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and assistance of the physician. Among these is painful menstrua-

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one, perhaps, is more worthy of attention than Dr. William

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such as the passage of a wa5.;<)n whecd over the number. 'Ihey

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Horse Radish. — This is sometimes used as a tonic for the di<:es-

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eruption the microgametes exist preformed inside the limiting

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the effete blood- corpuscles are converted into bile

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seat of augmente'd excitability or irritation, it tends (unless this irritation be

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It will be seen that the first five diseases in the above enumer-

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Sect. UI. — Nature and Treatment of Surgical Diseases.

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dislocation there is no grating sensation to be perceived.

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